Stock Thread Gages

Global Thread Gage manufactures a wide array of stock gages.  Take a look at our offerings.

Standard Thread Gages

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Standard Thread Ring Gages

Adjustable rings made of tool steel hardened to 60-62 Rockwell lapped and finished. Rings are set on master set plugs to ANSI standards.

Standard Thread Ring Gage

Standard Setting Plugs

Set plugs are used as masters to set adjustable ring gages. (Photo below shows an assortment of truncated set plugs and taperlock work plugs.)

Set plugs

Helicoil Plugs

Helicoil plugs are used to inspect holes prior to inserting a screw thread when repairing a threaded hole.

Taperlock Plugs

Taperlocks (standard and metric) are threaded plugs that are used to check threaded holes throughout the manufacturing and technological industries. They are made of oil-hardened tool steel 60-62 Rockwell.

Taperlock work plug (Go / No Go)

Reversible Gages

Gages that can be reversed.  When one side wears, the gage can be turned around and used on the other side.