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[Purpose of this block is that old customers can recognize Gary Plyler and become a GTG customer.]

Hello!  I am Gary Plyler, the Owner and President  of Global Thread Gage, Inc.  I’m pleased to meet you, if I don’t know you already.  Perhaps you’re a customer, a competing business owner, a professional contact of some sort from my lengthy manufacturing career.  However it is that I may or many not know you, I am pleased to get connected with you at this time.

Here’s a little background about myself so that you can get to know me better.

Starting out in _______________, for ___ years, my career experience spans __________________, ____________________, _________________, and 12 years owning and operating a thread gage manufacturing company.

Spending 15 years at M&J Distributing and its affiliates (Machinery and L???) Company as ___________ and _____________, I found my way to U.S. Gage, Inc. as _________ and ______________ for __ years, and now to Global Thread Gage, Inc.

Others have said of me that I am a “smart businessman” who knows how to run the machines and deliver products and services to his customers.

[ ] Content to be developed:

  • owner’s photo
  • voice clip or video clip of owner
  • comment from Owner about the company’s mission, goals
  • other content ideas
  • check out our products and services pages.  We will be happy to take your order and ship your thread gage products out to you as soon as possible

Thank you for your business.  We aim to meet all your metrology needs.

[Insert Electronic Signature Block of Gary Plyler here]
Owner, President Global Thread Gage, Inc.
Manufacturer of high quality thread gages for ____ years.